Note: Currently the Uploader progress bar is under repair. Because of this, after you click on "Upload Files" you will need wait until you are taken to the "Thank you for using our file upload system!" page to ensure your file has been uploaded. - Thank You and sorry for the inconvenience.


Click here to upload your files.

Name = RMH

Password = RMH

File uploading tips:
  • Naming files:
    • File name should contain only one period
      • Use:
        • filename.pdf
        • file-name.pdf
        • file_name.pdf
      • Don't use:
    • Avoid using spaces and non-alphanumeric characters
      • Ex: , # * ~
    • Hyphens (-) and underscores (_) are OK
    • Try to limit file name to 32 characters or less
  • File types:
    • Compressed ".sit" and ".zip" files are preferred
    • ".pdf" files are also acceptable
    • Some file extensions such as ".indd" (InDesign)
      may return an error page


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